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 Frequently Asked Question

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our revolutionary E-commerce solutions which enable you build and maintained your E-commerce web site. If a question you may have is not addressed, just click on the link at the end of this page and we will be back to you ASAP:

  I want to sell my products online, where do I start?
  What is iShopBuilder ?
  How does iShopBuilder work ?
  What Software do I need to build my web site ?
  Is it expensive ?
  Is it secure ?
  I want it, so what do I do next ?

I want to sell my products online, where do I start ?

If you plan on selling your products online please consider our ecSilver or ecGold packages, these will enable you start selling your products online instantly with very little effort.

All packages offer everything that you need to conduct online credit card transactions and allow you to accept all major credit cards for your business.

SSL, shopping cart features, and the templates to build your store is all included.


What is iShopBuilder ?

iShopBuilder is a self-built sales and marketing solution, specifically built to the requirements of small to medium sized businesses.

It has all the usual features for each individual business to design its website to its own unique requirements.

It gives the business a full range of options on how to design its website and the added security of having a dedicated team of professionals to assist whenever necessary.


How does does iShopBuilder work ?

It's as easy as turning on your computer and connection to your individual site on the World Wide Web!

When you purchase the iShopBuilder and marketing package, you will immediately be set up on the Internet with your own unique private Administrative Internet Address, your individual User ID and your initial Password.

Once these initial steps are complete, you simply go into your business's special website area and start to enter your company's details, products, colours, design format and flourishes, etc. YOUR INTERNET SALES AND MARKETING SITE IS READY FOR BUSINESS.


What software do I need to build my web site ?

iShopBuilder does not require any special software; the only things you need are an Internet-ready computer and modem, which you probably already have, and the services or products which you currently offer to the buying public. THAT'S IT!


Is it expensive ?

For less than 0.49 per day for a 24-hour sales solution, which is full of features (see Prices for more details) and offers 30 day money back guarentee is hardly expensive, don't you agree ?.


How does does iShopBuilder work ?

iShopBuilder is very easy to use, we have outlined some simple steps for your convenience, please see Product features.


Is it secure ?

As we appreciate the fact that security is of paramount importance to our customer, we have incorporated every possible safeguard to make this system secure as possible. (see Product features for more details)


I want it, so what do I do next ?

Simply go to the Buy Now facility, choose the package most suitable for you, fill in the requested information and sit back and relax. You account should be setup within 24-48 hours.


Questions? Simply contact us on our website:

Also visit iShopBuilder FAQ for other most commonly asked questions

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